Cromeleque – Portugal’s Stonehedge

We visited the Almendres Cromlech (Cromeleque dos Almendres) stone circle is the most important megalithic site in Portugal on a road trip from Lisbon to Sevilla, Espana.

This is a location consisting of 96 standing stones arranged in an oval, it dates from 5000-4000 BC.

We parked at a lower parking lot and decided to take a “short” walk up the hill. It turned out to be longer than expected, so my friend walked back down the hill to get the car and bring it (and me) to the parking lot closer to the stone circle.

The good thing about the walk is that i got the opportunity to take a few pictures of the nature on the walk.

If you decide to visit this location, plan on driving really slow and weaving back and forth on the dirt road avoiding pretty huge gullies all over. Luckily, this dirt road was wider than 95% of the roads in downtown Lisbon and Seville. If you go over 10 km/hr, be prepared to be bounced out of your seat and bottom out your car!

It was an interesting sight with a lovely view.

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