Nurture new roots for your future


I am not a gardener.  I actually have 2 brown thumbs.   Although this past spring, I made a little effort to clean up my yard and plant a few things.

I read that Coleus were hard to kill which makes them perfect for me.  The price tag and variety at the local garden center made it difficult to bypass.  

As I was watching all if the leaves start to turn brown on the trees, I got the urge to try to bring some of the coleus inside to start new plants.

Here they are, a few pieces from all of the different varieties waiting in water for roots to grow to spend the next 2 seasons inside.  

Maybe we should all take some time to think about how we want to grow and start nurturing the roots of our future selves now!

One thought on “Nurture new roots for your future

  1. I love Coleus. I have had better luck putting the cuttings in potting soil when overwintering. Type in Rosy Dawn Gardens. They are an AWESOME Coleus specialist and their website is great. They give a lit of tips on growing Coleus. All the photos will blow your mind!

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