Someday the new will be old


I went to pick up my roommate’s daughter at her 2nd day of 1st grade today.  This school was built in the last few years with the same name as the school that I attended with the same name in the same location almost 40 years ago.

While I was waiting for him to come out, I was looking at the building and thinking about how people will look at it in 40 years and how it will be and old outdated school.   I wonder about the design choices that were made and how they will reflect the time.

I do this alot when I make decisions.  For example, new dishes, kitchen cabinets, countertops, clothes, furniture, cars, etc.   If you are purchasing something that you expect to last a few years, unless you are intentionally being trendy, think about being neutral or conservative.  

Accessories are the smartest way to be trendy long term.  Pillows, art, curtains, jewelry, etc.  Be bold. Play with color.  Be wild! 

Don’t forget to enjoy your life to the fullest and fly your freak flag!

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