Learn to Read project


I have a first grader in my life and she is just learning to read.   We read to her and help her when she reads to us and we do flash cards but I wanted to do a little more.

I took the cardboard insert from this poster frame and collaged it with fairly light colored paper so this is a piece of abstract art on its own. 

The great thing about using a picture frame is that glass is a better whiteboard than a whiteboard!   It cleans up easier!

Every day, I add a checklist of simple phrases.  I like to make sure the first 2 or 3 are easier to boost confidence.   She loves checking them off as she reads them.   We struggled with “myself” the other day, so it’s back on the list today.   Repetition is important. 

As she advances, we can use this white board for more educational stuff, or maybe a family to do list or reminder board, maybe post a quote of the week or even simply leave it blank.

Have fun and be creative!

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