Don’t walk away from me!


When I am taking photographs, unless they are portraits or event photos, you will rarely see a person in my pictures.   I will wait patiently for an hour for everyone to get out of my way or I will zoom in or change my angle.  Tip for anyone planning to sell your images, if you can distinguish someone’s facial details, then you need a signed model release to sell that image.  

In this image, when this woman walked past me, I really loved the contrast of the black and white graphic with her bright shirt.  I also believe that her carrying the bag and walking down the street away from me captured part if the essence of New York.  The only other color in the image is the red solo cup among the little bits of street debris.  Remnants of a party in the area from the night before.

When taking photos when you travel, try to capture the small details that tell you something about the people that live there.  Take photos of shop windows, unique street signs, the way people are dressed, the food they eat.  If helps others feel more like they were with you than just the typical tourist sights.   Keep your eyes open for what makes that place unique.  Trust me, you will start to enjoy new places more if you slow down and soak it all in!

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